Breathing new life into our crafts heritage

Zeri Crafts was founded in Kuwait in 2010 to reinterpret the richness of Gulf handicrafts. Our name refers to the fine gold thread that embellishes the region’s traditional gowns. We collaborate with artisans and designers to create unique handmade pieces that draw on Khaleeji heritage.  Our approach favors simplicity, functionality, and sustainability.

We draw inspiration from myriad sources. The desert culture inspires values of utilitarianism, asceticism, and modularity. Nature charms us with the simple lines of dunes, the delicate patterns of sea and sand ripples, traditional geometric patterns, the play of light and shadows. Traditional crafts - sadu weaving, censers, clay containers - impart countless lessons on function and form.

Our design approach

Functionality.  Like in the desert, you need little to survive.  One sadu rug creates different spaces.  One box carries your belongings.  Survival is a matter of weightlessness.  In this light, we develop a small selection of products every year, and we keep them simple and functional.

Simplicity.  Aesthetic restraint is how we call it.  Simple geometric lines and shapes, calming colors, a pared down minimalist look.  In harmony with the horizontality of the sea and desert, the bare environment, the basic geometry of shapes.  

Sustainability. To the extent possible, we use natural materials that enhance our connection to nature: wood, cotton, silk, ceramic, porcelain, leather, and natural fibers.  We avoid plastic, processed woods and synthetic materials.


We work with individual and corporate clients who require product customization. Since most of our products are hand-made, many are customizable, whether textiles, leather pieces or mubkhars.  We also offer custom packaging and engraving. Finally, we can work with clients on a line of exclusive gifts.  For more information contact us.


We work with a group of artisans as far East as Lao PDR and as far West as Italy. All of our products are ethically crafted and produced.  Our artisans earn fair wages. Our raw materials are sustainable and ethically sourced. We are proud to do our share to make our world more socially-just and environmentally wholesome.