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Reinterpreting our crafts heritage

Inspired by our crafts heritage, Zeri Crafts was founded in Kuwait in 2010. We work with artisans and designers to breathe new life into everyday objects. Our name derives from the gold thread that embellishes traditional gowns. Our approach favors simplicity, functionality and sustainability.

Conversations on Culture

A Desert Delicacy

Desert truffles are a much-awaited delicacy in this part of the world.  Dependent on the Fall rains, their Spring time arrival is a most antici...

Conversations on Culture

The making of the mashrabiya table

The story of the mashrabiya table started in Kuwait, was fleshed out in Antwerp and physically born in Kabul. It draws its ele...

Conversations on Culture

Mashrabiya Stories: Ghadah Alkandari

A few years ago, my dear friend Ghadah Alkandari filled a turquoise Mashrabiya Notebook with beautiful designs and journal entries.
There is an instrinsic simplicity to our ecological and material culture that would delight the most austere minimalist. A lone palm in the desert, with its vertical majesty, is enough to fill a whole landscape.

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Our location:

Salmiyah, Baghdad street, lane 5, house 21 (next to Dar Hamad)


Working Hours:
Every day except Friday from

10:30am to 7:30pm.