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Desert truffles are a much-awaited delicacy in this part of the world.  Dependent on the Fall rains, their Spring time arrival is a most anticipated one.  H.R. Dickson wrote in his classic The Arab of the Desert, “If rain falls in October, truffles and mushrooms, great delicacies to every Badawin, appear in the following Spring, and form the staple food of the tent-dweller and family for weeks on end.  Truffles with hubara are verily, like the manna of old, Allah’s reward to those who have endured the summer heat.” 

In January, a makeshift souq al-fagii' is set up on the outskirts of Kuwait's Friday markets where the desert delicacy is sold by the kilogram. Below are some photographs captured a few years back. 

And here is a delicious desert truffle recipe by Omayah cooks! 


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