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Zeri Crafts was created in Kuwait in 2010 with the aim of re-valuing the our cultural capital and transform it into a source of creativity. We create products that reflect Gulf culture with a contemporary look and feel. Our approach emphasizes high craftsmanship, fine materials and exclusive design. We have a small but growing collection of pieces. Much thought has gone into each piece to make it unique. We work with a group of professional designers. Nedda El-Asmar is the designer with whom we collaborate on our mubkhars. In her designs, she marries her familiarity with Middle Eastern culture to a simple streamlined aesthetic. Rocio Martinavarro is the designer behind our paperware, among other things. 

To a large extent, we work with master artisans. Our textiles, for instance, benefit from a collaboration with Lao Textiles, whose highly skilled weavers are the hands behind our very complex brocaded cushions. Each piece takes between 1 to 2 weeks to weave. We appreciate the time it takes for each piece to be completed, and by working with artisans, we are doing our part in keeping these beautiful crafts alive.

The business is becoming an icon among craftsmanship lovers in the Gulf since its launch at Sadu House in 2012. We have been featured in local and regional media. In the Spring of 2013, we opened a showroom in Kuwait in an old converted beach house. In 2014, our stainless steel mubkhar was exhibited at the Milano Triennale and the Design Flanders gallery in Brussels. In 2016, our mashrabiya table was included at the Milano Triennale "Design After Design" exhibition in the space curated by Turquoise Mountain.